Bali has a variety of destinations that are quite interesting and need not be doubted.
The destinations on the island are complete, starting from natural destinations and other destinations
with cultural and historical elements. No wonder Bali has always been a destination
tourists ranging from local to foreign. The island is always crowded with visitors. This article
will share a row of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Bali.
1. Kelingking Beach
This beach has a view that is quite unique because there are cliffs
so tall and beautiful. The tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the Kelingking
Beach from the top of the cliff. Most of them visited the beach
that is making the cliff a spot for photographs because it is very unique. However
what needs to be known, some of the visitors rarely go down to enjoy
the beauty of the beach is because the stairs are so steep to pass
high cliff.
2. Seminyak Beach
Unlike the previous beach, this beach is very easy to reach.
The location is located in the northern part of Kuta Beach and Legian Beach. Seminyak Beach
always crowded with visitors because it is equipped with resorts, cafes and even bars.
Visitors usually relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset
3. Green Bowl Beach
This beach is one of the most crowded beach tourist destinations in Bali
visited by tourists. But unfortunately, the location of Green Bowl Beach is now difficult
to be found because visitors have to go down hundreds of stairs
exhausting. However, when you arrive at the last staircase, the scenery is
presented by the beach will treat the fatigue that is felt during the deep
4. Amed Beach
A beach that is known for its black sand but so smooth. There is
An interesting fact about Amed beach is its volcanic sandy soil

the location is not far from Mount Agung. But even so, it is that
makes the uniqueness of the beach so that it attracts a lot of attention from tourists
local and foreign.
5. Geger Beach Nusa Dua
Geger Beach Nusa Dua is the best beach on the island of Bali because it offers
sea ​​panorama that is so beautiful and charming. The beach has fine sand
and clean although not too many visitors. For those of you who are curious about
how the beauty of Geger beach Nusa Dua location is very easy to find
found because it is not far from Hotel Mulia Nusa Dua.
6. Suluban Beach
This beach is not far from the famous location of Oura Uluwata. Beach
Suluban is arguably a very unique beach and its location is right at
under the famous single fin beach club. But please note that for
until at the beach you have to go down into the cave
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