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Monkey Forest, A Sacred Natural Site Open to the public.

One of the forests where monkeys live but is open to the public. There, visitors can interact and even take selfies with the monkeys.

Ubud Monkey Forest is an old school tour but still has its own charm for tourists visiting Ubud.

Ubud Monkey Forest. Ubud is the rosy charm of Bali, especially among world tourists. The rapid development of art and culture combined with beautiful nature makes this area in Gianyar always crowded with visitors.

Ubud Monkey Forest Attraction

Ubud Monkey Forest is a sacred forest that is home to hundreds of long-tailed monkeys. The monkey herd has existed for hundreds of years and is divided into 4-6 groups that occupy different areas.

This nature reserve forest has an area of ​​​​approximately 12.5 hectares. A small, verdant forest with a collection of at least 115 different tree species. In addition, the Wenara Wana Monkey Forest also includes a temple complex.

In this forest lies the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal which was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. The temple, which comes with very ancient and artistic architecture and ornaments, has become a “Source of Holiness” for other temples.

Activities in Ubud Monkey Forest

Visiting Ubud Monkey Forest means getting ready to enter the natural beauty of the green forest. The sense of serenity is very obvious which allows everyone to feel at peace. Walk slowly while continuing to be amazed by what is presented.

Amazed by the beauty of the forest, the cool air, or amazed by the ancient architecture of the existing temple buildings. Since this is a sacred forest, be sure to carry out activities while maintaining ethics.

As a forest that houses hundreds of monkeys, every visitor here needs to be careful with the animal’s distinctive character. It is highly recommended not to disturb and unfortunately they are quite aggressive and like to annoy.
Monkeys like to be nosy, especially if someone brings food. Hide your food and try not to let them see it. The best time to visit is in the afternoon starting at 14.00, when most of the monkeys are full.

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