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Balinese Food

7 of the most delicious Balinese specialties which you actually need to try

Beaches, rice fields, waterfalls, and beautiful views of the Island of the Gods make it never empty of tourists. Not only rich in tourist attractions, Bali also offers a variety of special culinary delights that pamper the tongue. Culinary tourism is now also mushrooming in Bali because the price is cheap and the taste is also delicious. Want to know what are the typical Balinese foods that you must try?

Nasi ayam kedewatan Bali
  1. Nasi ayam kedewatan Bali
    If you visit the Ubud area, never miss Nasi ayam Kedewatan, The difference lies in the side dishes consisting of chicken, fried beans, boiled eggs, offal, and long beans.
    There are so many foreign tourists who like this Nasi Ayam Kedewatan.
Sup kepala ikan bumbu kuning khas Bali
  1. Sup kepala ikan bumbu kuning khas BaliThis popular stall that sells Balinese food, namely Sup kepala ikan bumbu kuning , is never empty of visitors. It has been around since 1941, the deliciousness of Mak Beng fish soup has never changed. A dish of fish head soup with yellow spices, fried fish, rice and Mak Beng’s special chili sauce will spoil your lunch.
Ayam betutu Bali
  1. Ayam betutu Bali
    You should not miss this one food in the list of culinary tours when you set foot in Bali. Ayam betutu seems to have become an icon of spicy food with abundant spices. Balinese chicken that has been given Balinese spices to the inside of the stomach is roasted using charcoal fire husks which takes up to 24 hours.
Babi Guling
  1. Babi Guling is one of the Balinese specialties that is quite famous for tourists. Even so, now there are many restaurants that sell pork guling menus or in Bali it is also called Be Guling. Whole pork will be removed from the stomach, then put in the processed spices. Then the pork will be roasted and rolled over coconut shell charcoal.
Sate Lilit
  1. Sate Lilit
    It is called sate lilit because the meat is wrapped around it, not stabbed like satay in general. This satay wrap also uses lemon grass stems, not wooden skewers like the one on the island of Java. The making of this satay wrap is that the meat will be chopped first and then mixed with Balinese processed spices. After that, the meat will be wrapped and then burned until it emits a very tasty smell.
  1. Srambotan
    One of the foods that are similar to food on the island of Java is srambotan. This srambotan is very similar to urap-urap, from the shape to the way it is made. This srambotan is made from various vegetables that are half cooked. Usually consists of long beans, spinach, eggplant, kale, and grated coconut. Perhaps what distinguishes srambotan from Javanese urap is the addition of bitter gourd or eggplant in srambotan.
Lawar Khas Bali
  1. Lawar Khas Bali
    Besides sambal matah, there is Lawar which is a typical Balinese food that is best paired with Nasi Campur. In the original area, this food is made from various vegetables with a mixture of pork, duck or chicken. Makenna is usually sold in all restaurants in Bali at a fairly affordable price.

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