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road trip from Uluwatu to Ubud in Bali

Certainly! A road trip from Uluwatu to Ubud in Bali offers several scenic routes that showcase the island’s natural beauty. Here are a few recommendations for the best scenic routes:

  1. The coastal route: Start from Uluwatu and take the Jalan Uluwatu Road, which will lead you along the beautiful coastline. Enjoy stunning ocean views and pass through picturesque beach towns like Bingin and Padang Padang. Continue north along the coastal road until you reach Jimbaran. From there, head inland towards Ubud, passing through charming villages and lush rice terraces.
  2. The mountain route: Take the Jalan Raya Denpasar-Bedugul Road from Uluwatu and head north towards the town of Bedugul. This route will take you through the scenic highlands of Bali, with breathtaking mountain vistas, terraced rice fields, and serene lakes. From Bedugul, continue east on Jalan Raya Penolokan Road, which offers panoramic views of Mount Batur and its caldera. Finally, make your way south to Ubud, passing through Tegalalang, known for its iconic rice terraces.
  3. The cultural route: Start by heading north from Uluwatu towards the town of Mengwi. Visit the iconic Pura Taman Ayun, a stunning water temple surrounded by tranquil gardens. From there, continue east towards Ubud, making a stop at the famous Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Along the way, you’ll encounter traditional Balinese villages, ancient temples, and vibrant local markets, providing a glimpse into the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Remember to plan your journey well, ensure you have a reliable map or GPS navigation, and be prepared for the traffic conditions in certain areas. Enjoy your road trip and take in the incredible scenery that Bali has to offer!

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